Building Committee: Project planning. Developing a Facility Plan; Conceptual Design; Building Process & creating a Project Team
  • Barry Newton, MSU Professor of Architecture and Board member
  • Staci Abel, educator and Secretary of the Board of Directors
  • Eric Scranton, risk management expert and President of the Board of Directors
  • Jamey McCormick, kindergarten teacher representing GBMS faculty
Financial Committee: The role of the finance committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the expansion. Includes budgeting, financial planning, and financial reporting.
  • Erik Henyon, financial entrepreneur and Treasurer of the Board of Directors
  • John Hemingway, financial advisor
Development Committee: Fundraising & Communications. Expand local revenue generating and fundraising activities to support existing program operations and regional expansion while simultaneously retiring building debt.
  • Barb Roggenbeck, MSU post-doctoral scientist and Vice-President of the Board of Directors
  • Staci Abel, educator and Secretary of the Board of Directors
  • Brandi Ellerton, sub-contractor management and Business Manager
  • Jennifer Bartholomew, networking and relationship guru and Development Director
Expansion Committee: Oversight of a healthy change process. Leadership & management of other expansion committees.
  • Eric Scranton, risk management expert and President of the Board of Directors
  • Travis Svensrud, realtor and Board Member
  • Gennifre Hartman, education entrepreneur and Head of School
Strategic Plan: Actions


  • Develop a structured Expansion Task Force, which operates on a specific schedule and reports and recommends to the Board accordingly.

  • Procure capital resources to fund physical expansion. Consider capital campaign for expansion.

  • When a suitable location is found, obtain design of a financially feasible space. Then, proceed with build of space.

  • Develop a plan to adequately support school operations, including marketing, enrollment and staffing.

Strategic Plan: Expansion


Expand Great Beginnings’ infrastructure and educational offerings, with emphasis on the natural world, to meet the needs of its families and the local community.


Establish an expanded campus to serve the community’s needs, including, but not limited to: elementary education, an expanded summer program and a larger campus with access to green space and the outdoors.​