Expansion Plans: Phase One


Phase 1: We would like to build a 6,000 square foot school 

The “Main Building” would have 5 classrooms 

  • 3 preschool classrooms 

  • 1 lower elementary classroom (1st – 3rd grade) 

  • 1 upper elementary classroom (4th - 6th grade)

We are over-estimating - using 165 children/ 21 teachers for our base numbers

Expansion Plans: Considerations & Phases of Growth

Our non-profit needs to raise money through a capital campaign for each phase.

Growth may happen as driven by demand/ financing.

The estimated size for the full project is approximately 200 children with 25 teachers + administration.

  • Phase 1: Main building (165 children/ 21 teachers)

  • Phase 2: Middle School (25 children/ 3 teachers)

  • Phase 3: Gym (no showers)

  • Phase 4: High School (20 students/ 3 teachers)

Montessori: The Elementary Years

Learn how the Montessori Elementary years—ages 6 through 12—prepare children intellectually, emotionally, and socially to navigate the next stage of their education.

"Living Montessori: Inside the Montessori Classroom"

Take a glimpse at the vibrant and nurturing environment that children of all ages experience in a Montessori classroom.

Curious about 2018/19?  

Springhill Campus:

  • Rainbow Room (toddler)

  • Friendship Room (preschool ages 3-6)

  • Sunshine Room (preschool ages 3-6)

  • Kindergarten class afternoons in the Yurt

Foothills Campus:

  • Foothills Classroom (preschool ages 3-5)